I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Just typing that sounds Cool! Then, raised in New Jersey, but grew up in Europe. Then went to Asia, and ended up in Arizona. Let me explain.

I went to a small set of schools in New Jersey. I am from South Jersey -- Bellmawr to be exact. Not the one further north where Bruce Springstein played. That one is spelled Belmar. New Jersey is a kind of divided State. There are three (3) Washington Townships.

One of the schools that I went to was Bishop Eustace Prep . It was all boys at the time. The present Web Site isn't the best. LOL!

I then went to a University in Philadelphia, Saint Joseph's. I graduated with a degree in Biology. Had my counselor told me to take another course -- Physical Chemistry -- I could have graduated in both Biology and Chemistry. Dual Degrees! Cool! As it stands -- I am a Bio-Chemist.

I hung around the Philly area, and took a course, or two at Widener University . I then went to Washington, DC for more studies @ American University . I've a few degrees in nothing really useful, so I took my show on the road. LOL!

First stop Germany, then Holland back to Germany, then a short while in Sweden. All of this was to make my degree useful. So far so good,

Some how my former education lead everyone to believe that I could speak German. Germany became home. Back to the US after a corporate take over, then back to Germany. Well, I do speak fluent German and as an American that seems to be a unique element to moving around as I have.

I out grew what I was doing in Germany, then down to Basle, Switzerland. I sort of discovered that Asia was an option, and went there. Got upset how things were going on Corporate wise and then went back to Germany. Then back to Asia. To be exact - Malaysia., where I ran Australia / New Zealand, the 13 countries in SE Asia, the Pacific Rim, northern Asia, Japan out to India

Meanwhile, my travels have taken me to over 80+ counties around the Globe, I did grow up Internationally.

All good clean fun! Seems my education did pay off in the end!

Professionally --

  • Global record in medical equipment, devices, technologies, and product introductions.

  • Educated in the life sciences, management techniques, business, and licensing.

  • Proven leadership abilities and sales results, in the US, Europe and Asia. Basically, Globally.

  • Skilled in developing global channels of distribution, and strategic alignments.

  • Strong negotiating and international diplomatic expertise.

  • Multi-level life science / biotech business executive contacts world-wide.


Global Biotech Business Development Consultant - Phoenix, AZ – Responsible for developing the business potential in the US market through contact / negotiations with health care professionals and organizations - CLIA Labs, GPOs, Academic Institutions, Dx / Rx manufacturers – for third party biotech / life science clients. Also responsible for sourcing the seed capital for several start-up biotech firms and their licensing arrangements at the US and international levels.

Transcend International Sciences - Lakeside, Arizona - Management of a start-up biotech company. Responsibilities included developing the global sales potential, formulating Internet and B2B strategies, OEM arrangements / strategies, monitoring regulatory affairs, representing the organization in legal matters and managing third party product suppliers and technical support.

Trinity Biotech plc - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Responsible for the development of a Pan-Asia-Pacific distribution network either for Trinity Biotech branded or OEM products. Important to the operation has been the development of strategic alliances with pharmaceutical companies and key players in the medical diagnostics industry.

Hüman Diagnostics & Biochemicals - Taunusstein, Germany - Charged with distributor acquisition, management and strategic partnership development for three business strategies: OEM, OTC & Hüman labeled products. The territory covered was worldwide.

Roche Diagnostics & Molecular Systems - Asia -- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Measurable success was directly related to 5-year business and marketing plan development and extensive travel to customer sites. Reporting activity was to three business units in Europe or the US for Roche immunochemistry, toxicology, molecular diagnostics (PCR) and related capital equipment.

Roche Diagnostics - Basel, Switzerland - Position demanded thorough global market knowledge, development of all elements related to product launch, business and marketing plan development. Support was directed to Roche personnel or distributors to ensure that global sales targets and goals were met for the business unit.

Abbott Diagnostics Division
- Wiesbaden-Delkenheim, Germany - Keys to success were formulated strategic plans, marketing plan formulation, implementation, as well as, product promotional efforts for the European Middle-East and African Area.

New England Nuclear - Dreieich, Germany - Product management, and technical support for Radio-Pharmaceutical (in-vivo) and Radio-Immunoassay (in-vitro diagnostics).

Johnson & Johnson - New York State - Responsible for the sale and support of surgical instruments, instrumentation & disposables. In order to represent the products it was necessary to view surgical procedures in the Operating Room, as well as, provide in-services.



                  Arizona State Arizona , Tempe, AZ - Computational Mathematical Sciences 


American University , Washington, DC - MBA Candidate


Widener University , Chester, PA - Business / Marketing studies


St. Joseph's University , Philadelphia, PA - BS Biochemistry 

Bishop Eustace Prep , Pennsuaken, New Jersey -- College Prep  


PC, Telecommuting, Office Management, Languages


Skilled in most PC related software operating systems / Internet applications, WWW / URL site management, site development, able to telecommute, cost effective home office management expertise, fluent colloquial German. Familiar with Global Business. 

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