Hi All,

Note: Originally written years ago this post was picked up by Linux Today, and melted my Web Site host's servers. I was getting thousands of hits per day as tracked by Google Analytics.


The Hated, the Frustrated, and Personal Initiative – How things will change, and it is all Free!

I'm not a writer, but do things – like all those others out there e.g. run / work / play / have a life / use a computer / have a PDA. I don't hate, was frustrated, and took the Linux plunge because of what I mentioned. I took the personal initiative.

There are a lot of buzz-words out there and one of those is OpenSource. That means Linux to me. I took the plunge. I went from SuSE 9.0 - 10.1, and all the Ubuntu distros, then settled on Linux Mint. All too often, what is never mentioned, is the additional word - Community. Join a Linux Forum with your issues -- save a lot of time, energy, effort, and money. LOL! Get involved, it is Free!

Simply, Linux does things for me that I always wanted to do. Once you get involved, the end result is simply amazing. No one lead me by the hand – but I took the personal initiative. I had no budget, but always asked, why can't I do this, or that, with all the Microsoft software that I bought, or was handed to me. Oh, I have had at a time one, or two, large budgets. And, paid for Microsoft licenses all over the planet. Then the price kept getting higher. It is called "cost of ownership".

Meanwhile, I started to get frustrated. Lots of things to do, and pay for out there. But, no help. Developing a business became a problem. Joining a Linux Forum was amazing. People with the same problems that I had gave me solutions. Noticing why I shifted to Linux?

Here is a great example of Linux. I've always looked to Spell Check my e-mails in multiple languages. The reason is, I have worked Internationally (Globally) for a good deal of my life, and always, always wanted to spell check my e-mails in American English (not the Queen's, but the President's), stay in contact with my son in Germany, and deal with my Hispanic friends. Plus, throw in the occasional French phrase. All spell checked.

Now, as a thinking individual, go try to find a solution with Microsoft. I'll bet you can't. My solution Evolution. Hey that rhymes. Can you imagine after having dealt with the largest, most monopolistic software company on the planet, my multiple phone conversations with their Tech Support? I can now spell check in four languages at the same time.

Hey, we have all been there, done that, and have the T-Shirt. C'mon guys – get with the program, it's a small world after all. Wasn't that once a big hit song from a Disney film? I truly think that Microsoft has become too – what would the right word be here? Perhaps too something or other. I don't want to beat them up, but the shift came to me a while back. I had ideas in mind, and wanted to do something. Linux, and all those thousands, and thousands of frre applications gave me the solutions.

They don't call it a PC – Personal Computing -- without a reason. I've a my PC. It is now all OpenSource.

Next, I hated having to buy all those additional programs / applications so that I can create a .pdf, burn a CD, DVD, let alone have a good Office Suite of programs. That's not counting going on the search for a good secure browser, virus scanner, firewall, running disk fragmenters, checking for virii, adware, spyware, malware, root kits. Oh, and the ever popular Microsoft up-dates and screens off Death. A Linux Distribution gives it to you all for free!

First things first – OpenOffice. Result perfect. There are the haters out there that complain about Excel spreadsheet conversions, but I've often enough been stuck with Excel – as an application itself. If someone can't convert a Word .doc, they never had the slightest clue what was done in the first place. And they need professional help, and a life. I'm not a big fan of Microsoft Open Office. But, can run Microsoft Word 2007 with the Microsoft Operating System. Linux does offer endless computing possibilties!

Ever tried talking to Microsoft about trying to do something with Outlook, like trying to do a mass e-mail to clients, getting them the latest News Letter? You can do that with Mail Merge in Word, but not with Outlook. Buy another application, plus keep getting hit with security warnings, and up-dates. I'd become my own Microsoft IT System Engineer!

My newest friend is the OpenSource Communities. Funny word there. Lot's of great support. My other friend is Google. A long time ago people were stuck with issues, but now we can do a “Google”. This time around everyone can do it and save themselves a good deal of time, effort and frustration dealing without Microsoft. Non-frustrating = Linux.

I'm known as “Adler” in about 3 – 4,000 posts. Adler means “Eagle” in German, which I speak fluently. But, we all speak Linux – globally.

Dell has started shipping their Desktops, and Notebooks with Linux installed instead of Microsoft. Noticing a larger level of frustration? Go Linux, Go!

Consider me a citizen of the world – OpenSource that is. We like to get things done. And, can do it ourselves. I do it with Linux Mint Cassandra.

Ask the next time that you buy a PC from Dell, IBM, COMPAQ, H-P, SONY, Toshiba, etc., if they ship their systems with Linux and not Microsoft. Avoid the Microsoft Tax.