10 Reasons You Should Not Switch To Linux – Wrong!

10 Reasons You Should Not Switch To Linux


Every week I read a new blog post giving 1025 or even 100 reasons you should switch to Linux right now. I say bah humbug to them. If you need someone to give you 100 reasons to switch your current OS of choice, you are better of sticking with it. As someone who is literally forced to use windows for work-related task, use a Mac just because I have money to blow and runs an obscure Linux distro to prove my point about my anti conformist views; I know a thing or two about why you shouldn’t switch to Linux.

1) You shouldn’t switch to Linux because… you actually enjoy paying for an operating system that is so mired with bugs and issues that it shouldn’t be even released as an alpha build. What recession?

2) You shouldn’t switch to Linux because… change is always scary. Look at Obama, he scares the shit out of me. I voted for him but he always talks about change and change is always scary even if that change will make things better.

3) You shouldn’t switch to Linux because… the only thing you use your computer is to play games. I mean people still use computer for anything other than games?

4) You shouldn’t switch to Linux because… You love to dedicate one whole day of your week just for scanning purposes. Anti-virus scan – Spyware Scan – Defragmentation scan – Registry Scan & defrag. What Fun!

5) You shouldn’t switch to Linux because… You love to pay for Anti-virus/spywares (with yearly subscription renewal) for protection that the OS should provide you in the first place. Even though Windows Defender does a fabulous job, its just not there yet.

6) You shouldn’t switch to Linux because… most people use Windows. If most people use windows it must be good!

7) You shouldn’t switch to Linux because… you realize that nothing lasts forever. Eventually your windows will succumb to a BSOD, while Linux has its version of kernel panic, you might have to wait couple of years to experience it, if at all.

8) You shouldn’t switch to Linux because… you LOVE Internet Explorer and you can only use the latest version of Internet explorer on windows. Imagine going online without IE?

9) You shouldn’t switch to Linux because… you have to be a geek to use Linux and we all know that geeks don’t have girlfriend.

10) Last but not least. You shouldn’t switch to Linux because… you don’t want to be a conformist and do what everyone tells you to do. You want to be unique, which is why you want to use windows. Oh wait…

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John Macey

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