Science & Electronic Engineering

EE Web electrical Engineering Community Maxim Design News November 20, 2014 Technical Articles & Whitepapers Easily Add Memory, Security, Monitoring, and Control to Medical Sensors and Consumables This tutorial describes how 1-Wire® devices add electronic capabilities to many medical consumables.… Continue Reading

Big Pharma, Big Data

SOURCE: Cutting Edge Information November 19, 2014 08:42 ET 69% of Pharma Companies Look to Third Party Vendors for Big Data Collection Drug Makers Turn to Specialized Vendors and Consultants to Complete Significant Portions of Big Data Initiatives RESEARCH TRIANGLE… Continue Reading

The Nobel Prize

Hi Colleagues, I have had an interesting life. I was selling nuclear materials for Medical Diagnostic purposes, in Scandanavia. The basic In-Vivo, In-Vitro thing. Thallium, Gallium, Xenon, Technitium Generators. Kits labelling radio-active materials. One of the great moments of my… Continue Reading